• Christina Aguilera

    Christina Aguilera

    Christina Aguilera poses for Rene Macura on the red carpet.

  • Colin Farrell, Bridget Moynahan

    Colin Farrell, Bridget Moynahan

    Rene Macura photographs Colin Farrell and Briget Moynahan on the Red Carpet at the premiere of The Recruit.

  • NE-YO


    NE-YO poses on the red carpet for Rene Macura.

  • Christina Aguilera

    Christina Aguilera

    Rene Macura photographs Christina Aguilera on the red carpet.

  • Kate Hudson

    Kate Hudson

    Kate Hudson poses on the red carpet for Rene Macura.

  • Javier Bardem

    Javier Bardem

    Rene Macura photographs Javier Bardem on the red carpet.

  • Katharine McPhee

    Katharine McPhee

    Katharine McPhee

  • Jennifer Love-Hewet

    Jennifer Love-Hewet

    Jennifer Love-Hewet poses on the Red Carpet for Rene Macura.

  • Kristin Chenoweth

    Kristin Chenoweth

    Rene Macura photographs actress Kristin Chenoweth on the red carpet.

  • Rihanna, Jamie King

    Rihanna, Jamie King

    Rihanna and Jamie King pose for photographer Rene Macura.

  • Jamie King

    Jamie King

    Jamie King is photographed by Rene Macura as he teaches a dance routine.

  • Latin Billboard Awards

    Latin Billboard Awards

    Latin Billboard Awards photographed by Rene Macura.

  • Rockstar Supernova

    Rockstar Supernova

    Rene Macura photographs members of Rockstar Supernova live on stage.

  • Beyonce


    Rene Macura photographs Beyonce live on stage during the opening of the Morongo Casino.

  • Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC

    Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC

    Rene Macura photogaphs Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC as he performs live on-stage.

  • Hard Rock Cafe

    Hard Rock Cafe

    Rene Macura photographs a performer on stage at the Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe.

  • Dave Navarro, Panic Channel

    Dave Navarro, Panic Channel

    Dave Navarro and the Panic Channel are photographed by Rene Macura at E-3 in Los Angeles.

  • Jenny McCarthy

    Jenny McCarthy

    Rene Macura photographs Jenny McCarthy at the E-3 convention in Los Angeles.

  • Tommy Lee

    Tommy Lee

    Tommy Lee is photographed back stage in his dressing room by Rene Macura.

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